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Enviromentally FriendlyBest Recycling Practice

Today’s cars have been engineered and manufactured using materials that are readily recyclable. In most cases the viability of repairing a vehicle’s body components, plastic or metal, is outweighed by the issue of quality and environmental feasibility. It costs less, and reduces the carbon footprint, by replacing parts when necessary, rather than using the material intensive methods to fix them.

In step with our quality program, Panel Pit has adapted a policy of new parts replacement for your vehicle. This means that all metal and plastic parts removed from your car for replacement are channelled into Government accredited recycling programs.

Plastic bumper bars and headlights are broken down and recycled to create new parts again of manufacturer’s standard rather than having these parts partly reconditioned and re-fitted to another vehicle as “Exchange Parts”.

Likewise, body panels are sent to metal recyclers where they inevitably re-emerge as new genuine body parts.

Best Paint Practice

As world car manufacturers employ new technology to reduce the quantity of paint needed to finish each vehicle, so too do the leaders in the Australian refinish industry.

The use of water-based paint has been one such example that has dramatically reduced the cost of refinishing cars and the impact on the environment by reducing quantities required and eliminating the toxicity of the products used.