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You can’t monitor it if you don’t measure it.

Our data will assist you in partnering with the best insurer for your business, minimising the time your vehicles are off the road and reducing your cost of claims.

It all amounts to best business practices for your fleet and your company.

Self Insured?

For companies that are self insured we provide a comprehensive package that includes complete digital imaging of damaged vehicles, a thoroughly itemised scope of work to be completed and a costing that will include all parts and suppliers invoices for verification and tax purposes.

In other words, total transparency each step of the way.

Fleet Centre

Why choose Panel Pit for your fleet repairs?
Because we’ll have your people back on the road faster!

  • We replace your accident damaged vehicle with a like replacement vehicle whether that be a sedan, wagon, commercial van or ute at no charge, your fault or not.

  • We fast-track your insurance claim using digital photos and high-speed insurance assessing programs to get your vehicles assessed, authorised and fixed as soon as possible.

  • “Cost of Claims” reporting. At the push of a button we can report to you, your cost of claims including a breakdown of your “No Fault” and “At Fault” claims. This information is vitally important for these reasons.

  • Your company can assess if cost of claims versus the cost of it’s premiums.

  • Your company can use this information to contain or reduce future insurance policy renewals.

  • Your company can use this information when negotiating a policy with a new insurer.

The insurance sector has become fiercely competitive and while insurers will compete aggressively for your business they are becoming increasingly selective about who they will and won’t insure in order to remain competitive in the marketplace and reduce their costs.
Quite simply they can no longer afford to insure bad risk companies.