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Free 24 Hour Towing

Contact Michael Mair (Director) on 0424 992 200 any time day or night to arrange the transport and security of your damaged car.

A replacement vehicle will be arranged for you immediately.

Fleet Services

Panel Pit Smash Repairs are Fleet Service specialists.

Click on “Fleet Centre” to find out more..

Need to Lodge an Insurance Claim?

Allow the staff at Panel Pit to assist you with your Insurance Claim.

An accurate and timely claim lodgement can avoid any loss of your No Claim Bonus and eliminate the need to pay an Excess unnecessarily.

A free replacement car will be arranged for you.

Free Replacement Car

Whether you’re at fault in an accident or not, Panel Pit will provide you with a new replacement car to drive while your vehicle is being repaired at absolutely NO CHARGE to you.

All replacement vehicles have Airbags, Stability Program and ABS Brakes to ensure the safety of your family while your car is off the road.

Professional baby seat and booster seat fitting is complimentary.

Free Quotes

Submit your personal details, vehicle details and some photos of the damage on-line and we will email an estimate to you that day.
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You can also telephone our office on (02) 9796 2614 to arrange a time to pop in for a written quote.